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List your rooms!

Have you got accessible rooms in a great hotel with super friendly staff?

Join us and be an active supporter of the world of accessible travel, and increase your occupancy rate at the same time.

We have discovered that by 2020, people in the EU with limited mobility and their companions will be booking 468 million overnight stays. That's almost a €48 billion market.

But finding accessible hotel rooms is a challenging task. roomchooser aims to be the go-to booking platform for travelers with reduced mobility.

If you choose to list your hotel on roomchooser, not only will you be helping these travelers and simplifying their travel plans, but you'll have access to a portion of that ever growing market, increasing your occupancy and encouraging lengthier stays from your visitors.

To get listed on roomchooser, all we ask is that you have a room or a set of rooms that satisfy a few criteria.

  • Each of the rooms has to be accessed without stairs (or via a portable ramp - but please mention this in your listing).
  • The doors within and leading to the rooms have an inner width of at least 90 cm.
  • The corridors from the entrance and leading to each room have a clear width of at least 120 cm.
  • If your room is accessible via a lift, it has to be at least 110 cm wide, and 140 cm deep, with an inner door width of at least 90 cm.
  • The sink in the bathroom has a ground clearance of at least 70 cm, for wheelchair access.
  • The shower has no threshold, so it's a roll-in shower.

Here's how easy roomchooser works

  • The guest finds your room suitable for his/her accessibility needs and requests the room
  • You send the guest an offer for this room
  • The guest books yourroom and roomchooser charges a commission)

All it takes is to fill in this form and you can start your journey with roomchooser.

We will be in touch as soon as your application has been received and reviewed.

Thank you,
Michael Sicher,  founder of roomchooser

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